Circulate to All Customers of the company Renting Cars and Vehicles 07-02-2018

The General Administration of Traffic and other police departments in the Ministry of the Interior make great efforts to reduce the incidence of road accidents and reduce the number of deaths and injuries by carrying out street inspection campaigns and certain areas to ensure the durability of vehicles, and the validity of driver's licenses and driving licenses of the vehicles.

Repeated booking of the vehicle and the driver was observed in the event of serious violations such as not carrying a driver's license or light driving license for a driver driving a half-carriage or a 12-passenger bus or a driver driving a vehicle that does not have a valid permit to drive a pickup and other irregularities, The Traffic Department requests the presence of the representative of the leased company, the leasing company and the person who delivered the vehicle to the driver for investigation and taking the procedures stipulated by law against violators and those responsible for its, For example, violations involving a driver who drives a vehicle and does not have a driver's license (he does not have a license - or expired license - or is withdrawn administratively, judicially or missing), or does not carry the necessary authorization by the General  Traffic department, which authorizes the leadership of this type of vehicles (such as the permission of the leadership of the pickup), , Or has a driver's license, but that license does not legally allow him to drive such a vehicle (for example, a driver with a light driver's license and driving a half-truck or a 12-passenger transport vehicle, which requires a heavy driving license).

In such violations and similar violations, the General Traffic Department shall detain the vehicle and the driver and not release them until the presence of the legal representative of the leased company and the legal representative of the leasing company or the presence of the employee in the leased company who has delivered the vehicle to the driver who is not legally authorized to drive the vehicle for violating it, the legal representative of the leased company or it’s responsible employee shall signing a pledge not to repeat such an violation that may entail administrative deportation, with the payment of the fine prescribed for such violation.

In addition, the insurance companies, on their part, apply the conditions of the insurance policy that require - as the traffic law - not to drive the vehicle from a driver who is included under any of the above cases, or under the influence of alcohol, liqueurs and psychotropic substances, Exceeds the rate of speed allowed by law, or contrary to traffic, ... or ... etc., as specified in the terms and conditions of the document and the provisions of the law, and that - any insurance company - in the event of a ruling from the Traffic Court, the driver is convicted for any of these violations or Violations, they will exercise their right to refer to the driver and / or his sponsor To compensate for the damages caused by the accident to the insured car or to the cars of others or to persons and property of others.

Accordingly, and from the principle of our company's keenness to ensure the legal status of its customers, we draw your attention to the fact that you or any of your employees or authorized from your company / institution or the like to hand over the vehicle / vehicles (which is the subject of our contract) to any person who is a follower or non-follower (Driver or non-driver), and the latter is included under any of the above mentioned cases, and alerted your drivers not to commit any of the violations and violations referred to in the law.

We also call on our customers to abide by the above and what is stipulated and applicable in the Kuwaiti Traffic Law and other laws running in the country, to prevent you from being held legally accountable, whether criminal or civil, and to prevent any party from being harmed because of such violations.

                                   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,,

Management of Automak Automotive Company.                                                                                    

Edited on 2/7/2018