Accommodation Officer

Full Time
Shuwaikh Headoffice
Posted On : Feb 28, 2021
  • Keeps accurate records of all accommodation rooms
  • Oversees the transfer of new employees arriving and departing using a proper reporting system
  • Updates employee records to show how many rooms are occupied and free
  • Oversees the room allocation to ensure that voids are minimized and that enough rooms and required facilities/items are available throughout the year to accommodate new staff
  • Places employees in appropriate rooms on their arrival to the country as per the company requirements
  • To receive and answer queries of the employees in person, by email and phone
  • Conducts regular inspections to ensure that the accommodation rules and company standards are being complied with and, initiate against offenders
  • Monitors the usage and maintain control over accommodation utilities, water & other accommodation consumables
  • Maintains high level of health and safety standards
  • Manages problems or complaints efficiently and effectively, managing expectations where necessary
  • Any serious complaints should be addressed and discussed with the personnel manager
  • Be available throughout the day for questions from employees regarding their accommodation problems
  • Ensures that the general administrative tasks within Accommodation Office area are undertaken
  • Responsible for managing staff relationships, and ensuring the highest levels of staff welfare
  • Responsible to make sure the company accommodation is run efficiently, that standards of cleanliness and maintenance are upheld, budgets are controlled and any problems are quickly rectified
  • Performs other duties as required and assigned
  • Coordinate with Security guard and control the movement employees in and out of the building.
  • Take temperatures for all employees while going for work, and also while return from work and quarantine those with fever and related symptoms, report to respective operations management/ project management and Corporate QHSE Specialist, Admin. Manager, HR Manager and maintain records. Ensure that full PPE is worn for the safety at all the times.
  • Take temperatures of those quarantined and confirmed COVID-19, three times a day (i.e., 6 am, 2 pm and 10 pm and maintain records).
  • Coordinate with Security staff and ensure that Civil-id, driving licenses etc. of the employees are kept with him all the times unless otherwise employee goes for work or clinic/ hospital.
  • Coordinate with Security staff to ensure that every movement of employee is mentioned (for work and to clinic/ hospital) on the Building register is kept with the Security guard with details. Any visitors whether from Automak company or from outside company shall be maintained in the visitors register all the times.
  • No Visitors from outside the company shall be allowed to enter our building unless otherwise authorized by Admin. Manager and their details shall be entered in register and temperature and symptoms checked prior to entry.
  • Coordinate with Security to ensure that no visitors are allowed to enter out building.
  • Daily verify the copy of the above register through whattsapp, evaluate and recommend necessary warnings and administrative actions for the non-compliance of any staff to the respective operations/ project management and Corporate QHSE Specialist, Admin. Manager, HR Manager
  • Coordinate the nearby/ Supermarkets/ Bakala’s etc. to arrange food and necessary suppliers to the door steps of all the employees.
  • Coordinate with nearby pharmacies to supply essential routine medicines (if any) to the door steps of the employees.
  • Coordinate with admin. Services to provide, masks, and sanitizers etc to employees, print/ circulate the COVID-19 posters for employee awareness.
  • Coordinate with admin services for transfer of affected contacted employees to quarantine, COVID-19 confirmed employee to isolation, cleaning and dis-infecting the affected the apartments in coordination with janitor with PPE’s all the times.
  • Coordinate with Admin services to transfer of employees to hospital and back.

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